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    Mobile:Miss zhang 138-2889-9790


    address: Building 27, taoyuan street, nanshan district, shenzhen

    July 2004 shenzhen jiujing electronics co., LTD.

    In October 2006, huizhou guozhan electronic co., LTD.

    In December 2006, it became the first FPC factory in mainland China TO ROLL -TO -TOLL technology.

    In September 2007, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in guangdong province.

    In December 2007, we completed the development of double-sided roll-to-toll technology and equipment.

    In May 2009, it was recognized as a private technology enterprise in guangdong province and huizhou intellectual property advantageous enterprise, and established huizhou first-class engineering technology research and development center.

    In March 2010, established huizhou guozhan electronics co., LTD., Chen jiang branch, specializing in the production of copper plate and covering film.

    In December 2010, anhui tongling national exhibition electronics co., ltd. was established, specializing in the production of PI film and circuit board.

    In May 2011, the foundation of China national exhibition group guizhou tongzi LED accessories industrial park was established, and the production base of aluminum base coated copper plate and aluminum base circuit board was built.

    In May 2012, more than 100 national patents and international patents were successfully applied