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    Mobile:Miss zhang 138-2889-9790


    address: Building 27, taoyuan street, nanshan district, shenzhen

    Due to the need of strategic development and rapid growth, the group now employs a professional management consulting agency to assist the group's talent construction and lay a solid foundation for the benign development of the future group.

    Position and requirements:

    Job title:

    Reserve management/talent echelon.

    Number: 50 gender: unlimited.

    Age requirement: 25-35 years old.

    Requirements: bachelor degree or above.

    Ability requirements:

    The recruitment of the echelon talent is 30 ~ 50. The recruitment conditions are as follows:

    1. Full-time undergraduate (2014), professional unlimited;

    2. Excellent academic performance in school, unite teachers and students, and actively participate in social practice activities;

    3. Good health and no bad habits;

    4. Optimistic, positive, hard-working and down-to-earth;

    5. Experience in student union and community organization management is preferred;

    6. English cet-4 level 425 is preferred.

    Company address: huizhou Chen jiang wuyi industrial zone (next to samsung's external dormitory).

    Contact person: miss zhou: .15656236279