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    address: Building 27, taoyuan street, nanshan district, shenzhen

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    Topline - RGB - 12 v - 3 d3r

    • Product characteristics 1. Lamp bead specification: 5050RGB; 2. Product width: 9.5mm and 10.0mm. Accept custom widths; 3. Delivery length: 0.5 meters, 1.0 meters, the whole roll (the longest is 300 meters); 4. Product front copper thickness is customized according to customer requirements. Common specifications: 18um, 25um, 35um; 5. The reverse main line of the product is produced by pressing the circular line into flat line, which can be customized according to customers' demand for pressure drop; 6. The production process of the reverse circuit of the product is environmentally friendly and does not require chemical processing; 7. Circuit board color: white, yellow, green, black and other colors.
    • Counseling hotline: 0562-8728881
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